The next goals

I have been thinking about stuff recently and have decided that I would like some shorter goals.  Christmas seems a good time to achieve them by.  So, the targets will be:

Swim: Sub-6 mins for 400m

This should be achievable as I could do it a couple of years ago.  My PB was 5:55 in September 2007.

Bike: CTS field test result of 288W

To be honest, I can’t quite remember what this is off the top of my head but I know I did 262W / 257W on 6 March 2011 on the Wattbike.  288W is a 10% improvement.  This might be a little soft.  If it is, I will adjust.

Run: Sub-19:00 for Basingstoke park run

My PB is 19:11 for the 5k run.  I set this in March 2010.

Push-ups: To do 100 in a single go

My best is in the low 30s.  This will be the toughest challenge by far

Weight: To be sub-70kg

That means 4.4kg has to go.  That’s 0.25kg per week.  Very do-able if I set my mind to it.

Dog walking: Take Sparkie for a walk in the evening at least 4 times per week

It beats surfing the interweb – but a day only counts if I get home from work before 8pm

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