Lanzarote update

Training has gone well-ish recently.  I had a couple of very good weeks, especially on the bike, a few average weeks and a few very poor weeks.  Work and moving house have been the main cause of the poorer weeks.  Motivation is also no where near last time.  At the moment, I am absolutely shattered by the lack of a descent night’s sleep.

So where do I think I will be?

Swimming: I am around 10s – 20s per 400m slower than last year (based on 400m efforts this morning in a wetsuit – 5:44, 5:43 and 5:56 v 5:22, 5:35 and 5:36.  That’s around two to three minutes slower than before.

Bike: I think I am about the same.  172W AP for a five hour ride this years, 170W last time.   2W is neither here-nor-there.  However, I am less confident than before.

Run: I was 90s slower at the Reading half-marathon in March than last time.  Double that and you get three minutes slower.  But I’ve done less running since March and am less confident.  Also, I have not got thinner (like I did last time), so that’s probably six minutes slower.

So, that’s roughly 10 minutes slower than before.  But last time I had a problem with my front wheel which cost me 30 minutes.  So, that’s 20 minutes quicker than last time – which would give me 11:48 if all goes well.

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