Falling asleep in a race briefing

It’s the night before IM Lanzarote and I am feeling less nervous than last time. But I am also less prepared.

One difference was the race briefing. Two years ago I raced across to La Santa, found it and got to the briefing after it started. This time I was there on time and sat on a concrete bench with a concrete wall behind me. It also started well but after the bit about the run course I decided I didn’t have to look at the screen and could just listen, with my eyes closed. I had sun glasses on so no one could tell. The next I remember I awoke with a jump and banged the back of my head on the wall behind. I don’t know how long I was asleep for, probably not long, but it was a first for me.

Work has meant that I am under-prepared. On Wednesday night I was having calls with people in the US and got home just before 1am. I remember wondering if I was going to ever fall asleep and remembered looking at my watch at 1:20am. Then at 3am. Just over 90 minutes sleep is neither big nor clever.

Anyway. I am here. I might not be as fit as I want to be but I know I can do the distance.

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